Monday, June 28, 2010

Dyeing to knit...

I blame it on summer and all the kool-aid commercials. I love the bright colors!! Yes, I know mom, I don't actually wear bright colors (my closet consists mainly of all things black and red) but that doesn't mean that bright summer colors don't make my heart feel full of hope and joy. So, remembering that a million years ago I bought a bunch of dye-able yarn from knitpicks I dove into the darkest depths of my yarn stash to find it then headed to my local wall-mart to find as many different flavors (colors) of Kool-aid and Jello. When I got home, the party began..... And now I have some wonderfully summery colors of yarn that my daughter is begging me to turn into something for her. And my heart soars.......

Now I just wonder when I'll be able to knit it up. I have no doubt that I will cast on a hat or perhaps some wrist warmers (probably both) but I do wonder if it will ever be cast off. I've been dealing with a terrible case of cast-on-itis lately. Symptoms include having 3 different socks on the needles, 2 different animals from the Odd-Bod Bunch book by Donna Wilson also on needles, and 1 hat. And I want to cast on so much more. Ugh, need to focus. I've knit for hours and hours and hours over the last few weeks without a single finished object to show off. Unless you include 1 finished sock. I don't consider socks done until they are both done soooo. I did do my best to fight Second Sock Syndrome by immediately casting on the second one as soon as the first one was off the needles but that was over a week ago and I still haven't made it to the gusset increases. Oh well, at least I'm still knitting, and knitting, and knitting........

Hours knitting: 29
Total so far: 109

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally Done

Woot woot, happy dance. I finally cast off my Temperance socks. They were a knit-a-long with my mom and sister. Mom finished first and sister is running a bit behind. We'll let it slide considering she's the one with a full time job, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband. So glad these are finally done. I really like the finished project, but knitting them was a bitch.

I also finished my toe up, modified "Jaywalker" socks. I love the way the yarn worked with this pattern, I will be using this stitch pattern again. However, I will know next time that there is NO STRETCH in the stitch pattern. So I'll have to go up a needle size when I get to the cuff part. This pair is a bit difficult to get over my ankle. Note to self - try on socks as you go, that's one of the perks to knitting socks toe-up. So, do it, damn it.

On another knitting note, my mom is comming to visit me tonight for a week. She lives in Fernley, Nevada, I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am SOOO excited to see her. She is also a complete knitting addict. I can't wait to show her all our lovely yarn stores, talk knitting patterns till the wee hours of the morning and knit together. Pictures to come.

Yours Knitting: 16.5
Total So far: 80.0
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