Monday, September 20, 2010

The Boyfriend Sock Curse?

So most knitters have heard of the boyfriend sweater curse, right? You know, knit your favorite guy a sweater and the relationship is doomed. Well, thankfully, I've discovered that my particular knitting curse is sock related. I'm way more likely to knit socks than a sweater. In fact, I've knit maybe a total of 15 pairs of socks and only 1 short-sleeved sweater, in my knitting life.

It has resently dawned on me that the last 3 guys I've made socks for are no longer in my life. Well, atleast, not in a positive way anyways. (The only man who I've knit socks for that I don't have negative feelings towards is my step-dad.) The first in this list of sock relationship sabotage actually got 2-3 pairs before it went to crap. The second, got 1 pair and wore them only once or twice before I kicked him to the curb. And now the third...... I had just finished turning the heel on the first sock. That's quite the agressive progression.

I figured that this last pair (or half sock, really) would end up in the bottom of the UFO pile. At least it wouldn't be lonely;) Although friends tell me to knit them anyways for someone else, I hesitate. They are themed for this particular person and although I love black and white stripes I don't have huge feet. I've decided that they will not end up in the UFO basket, but they will be my travel socks as it's a very mindless knit (HA, mindless, yep the pattern fit the [almost] recipient).

So, now that I know all this, I've decided to look at this not as a curse, but as a tool. I'm thinking that everytime I meet a guy that peaks my intrest I'll cast on a pair of socks and see what happens. If the relationship isn't gonna work out, given my track record, I may only get to the heel increases maybe just the toe. That seems like a fast way to figure out if the guys a good one. On the other hand, if I actually get the pair completely done I'll know that the boy in question might actually be worth my time. Maybe even a sweater......

On another knitting note, I can't seem to stop making hats. Think it's something to do with the weather getting colder. But I have 3 new hats of my own designs.

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Total hours: 128
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