Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Cape full of Cables

Vintage inspired cape She Knits in Pearls

It's finally done. I've been working on publishing my knitting patterns for a while now but have not yet had the nerve to try to sell them. Well, I've finally done it. My first knitting pattern, "Amber's Cape" is now for sale HERE in my ravelry store. It's been a long project in the making. It all started with the idea to make something for my daughter for Christmas. I wanted something with cables in it, something in a bulky weight yarn (so that it didn't take forever to make) and needed to be something she could throw on with her already stylish wardrobe. I searched and searched for the right pattern, you know, that one pattern that looks exactly like the image you have in your head. Problem was, it just didn't exist. Or at least, not where I was looking. So, I thought I'd give it a try. So, here it is, and it looks just like it did in my head.
Ambers Cape She Knits in Pearls

Next I had to test the pattern out. When I design something, I just start knitting and write down what I'm doing as I go. Then I type it up and cross my fingers that it makes sense. That's worked for me so far, but considering that this is the first pattern I'm trying to sell, I figured I should ask for help. All the thanks in the world to my mom for proof reading the pattern to make sure my abbreviations are correct and terminology and format make sense. She also test knit it for me. I think hers came out even better than mine did, but don't tell her that (lol).

Next step, put the whole project on the back burner for months waiting for the stars to align in order to get some decent pictures of the project. Really, schedules didn't match up, not enough day light, too cold, hangover (not mentioning who), and completely unrelated to the hangover cancelation, there was a Jameson issue in which the camera malfunctioned due to having Jameson spilled on it (again not mentioning who). Finally, on a particularly warm day, I grabbed the boyfriend and headed to Alaska Land to take some pictures. I'm very happy with how they came out. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon out in the sunshine with the boyfriend tromping around in the snow. Even if I did get my boots filled with snow.
Ambers Cape She Knits in Pearls
Sure wish the ice cream shop was open though.

So, If your looking for something fun to knit and want to support a budding designer who's currently unemployed and needs money to buy more yarn, follow the link above and help a girl out.

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