Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bells will Ring

     In case you don't follow along with my other social medias, I'd like to take a minute to shout it from the roof tops (again) that this gal is getting married!!!  After almost four years of dating (and 23 years of messing around *wink*wink*), this crazy guy and I have decided that it's about time to make it official. 

Here's a flash back to 4 summers ago when we first started dating.  If you'd have told me then that I would eventually marry this man, I would have never believed it.  In fact, I'm still can't quite believe it's real.

If you're not down for a post with a ton of pictures, you may want to click away right now.  

     As much as I love this man, thank goodness he grew his goatee back.  I still curse that crappy job that he shaved his face for.  

We may have very different interests and hobbies but, somehow, it is the perfect blend for us.  I'm just as happy in his leather-clad world as he is in my vintage world.

      Especially if it involves a photo bomb!!

      If he's not taking the picture, he's being silly behind me.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh and smile.  Even with all my health problems over the last few years, he has never stopped, for a second, supporting, comforting, and entertaining me.

We may both me only children and therefor always think that we are right and that we own the spotlight but we have found a balance.  He's the only person I have ever been with who shares the light with me and who I want to share with.  

You all know that Cupcake is the light of my life and my official She Knits in Pearls mascot but she is also the center of Daddy's attention too.  Our favorite moments of the day are the 3 of us in bed snuggling together.  I'm so happy I found a partner who is just as obsessed with her as I am.

     Here's to the next stage of our life together.  We're not running out to the Justice of the Peace any time soon.  So you can expect, over the next year to see a few more posts about planning and the big day it's self. 

For you married gals out there, what do you wish you would have known during your wedding planning?  What did you love about your day?  Did you make any mistakes? 

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