Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP-Wednesday, Week 1 of the Marion Cardigan

Marion Cardigan She Knits in Pearls
In the week between finishing my Myrna Cardigan (pictured above) and casting on the Marion Cardigan for the KAL I experienced some intense knitting ADHD.  Not having a main project to work on leaves my creativity in chaos.  I finished two other small WIPS that had been on the needles since last winter.  I started no less than 6 other small projects, 3 of which have now been unraveled only because my brain was moving faster than my fingers. 
After a week of my creativity seeming to unravel faster than cheap, drug store, acrylic yarn finally casting on this project was cathartic.  As I started working those first rows, feeling the yarn and needle combination flow through my fingers a calm serenity washed over me.  The tension in my belly subsided as all was made right in my creative world. 
She Knits in Pearls
Cupcake, cheering me on.
A dear friend of mine is participating in the KAL.  At our weekly knit night last week, we discussed the pattern and showed off our progress.  On day one, she had more than twice as much done as I had.  Oh, the competitive person inside me was furious.  I so wanted to say "Challenge Accepted!!". After a few blood pumping moments I realized that 1) I like to sleep and turning this into a contest would mean I didn't sleep for 3 days while a cranked this puppy out, and 2) I enjoy Knit-A-Longs, so why would I want to be done with it so quickly.  After I realized that, I am enjoying working on this even more.  No rush, no pressure.
Vintage knitting Marion Cardigan

The cable pattern along the edge is unusual.  I'm still undecided weather I like it or not.  I'm leaving the final judgment till the sweater is finished and blocked.  On the bright side, this yarn is knitting up beautifully.  The subtle color variation of the Worsted Malabrigo is delightful.  My only warning; Do not try to knit it just after putting lotion on your hands!!  If you must use lotion, be prepared to wait a good 30 minutes until this yarn is willing to slide along your skin, rather than sticking to it like Velcro.

Look, Mom I can help with pictures.

Does any one else experience creative ADHD?  When I don't have a main project to focus on, I find it difficult to focus on all the random ideas that bombard my brain.  Do you have a way of regaining focus or organizing the chaos.  I did manage to write down some of the ideas for future projects and am working on another simple pattern.  So some good has come from the chaos, maybe I should allow it to occurs occasionally.  Maybe not all chaos is bad?
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