Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Fun & Family

I've been away from my computer lately and therefor away from my little corner of the internet as well. A lot has been going on in my world that I would love to share and there's no time like the present to jump in with both feet. First and for most, I have been away from the computer to spend time with my Dad. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska only about 350 miles south of me and I haven't seen him but once or maybe twice in the last 4 years. I know, I'm a horrible daughter. Well, I've been making up for that over the last 2 months. In the last 7 weeks, I have been with him in Anchorage for 5 weeks. Here is my dads' first ever selfie, with yours truly.

My dad, not un-like myself, has major back problems and was getting ready for another surgery. Thanks for the great genetics dad. I'm starting to think that back surgeries run in the family. Well, considering I'm still not working due to my last back surgery, I figured it could be good for both of us to spend some time together. The original plan was to be there for 2 weeks, but due to an unforeseen circumstances that lead to the surgery being postponed, I was there for much longer. On the bright side it was more time that I got to spend with my Dad.

While waiting for the surgery we had some great BBQ's. I can't believe I figured out how to work the gas grill. Small miracle! To add to the fun and excitement of my trip, I was able to spend a lot of time with my best friend Julia. Her and her son came over to a BBQ as well.

Here we are enjoying the wonderful Alaskan sunshine.

She Knits in Pearls

Enjoying some corn on the cob with a wonderful little man. Isn't he just the cutest?

Julia and I had so much fun, we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together in years.

She Knits in Pearls
She Knits in Pearls

We had delicious mocktails at the Spenard Road house. That place was awesome. Really, I'm on board with any restaurant that has a "bacon of the month".

While Dad was in the hospital, and I was a complete mess, Julia was able to distract me with an evening out at a softball game. What a blast, and well needed break that was.

Thank you, my darling!
She Knits in Pearls

Back on the home front with dad, he's doing so much better!! After spending almost 3 months in a wheel-chair due to the shrinking of his spinal column, he's now standing on his own and even walking for short distances. He's got a long road ahead. But he's now on that road.

I had a few nice adventures while I was in Anchorage and I'll be sharing those in some of my next few posts along with some knitting.

Over the last month, I've finished one sweater, gotten almost done with another AND started 1 more. So, I promise that my next blog will cover at least one of those projects.

Until then, Keep living, loving, and creating!


  1. I loved this blog entry! It's great to see you sharing your adventures again. I know you were a huge blessing to your dad and there is nothing like a BFF to recharge your batteries while you are being a care giver. Thanks for your knitting and style inspiration! <3

  2. Terri, I'll be writing about our adventures together soon as well. I had so much fun with you. I'm so sad that 2 of my amazing friends live so far away, but so thankful that you guys were there for me.


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