Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Easy DIY Brooches

DIY Vintage Inspired Brooches

It's no secret that I've been in love with brooches lately.  I've mentioned my felt flower brooches on a few occasions.  I just love how a fabulous brooch can jazz up and pull together an outfit.  Being the crafty girl that I am, I enjoy making my own on occasion (well, many occasions). 

I found this great little floral tidbit at Jo-Ann's for so darn cheap I just couldn't pass it up.  I'm not much of a floral decorations person, I have no idea what or how to do what these types of things are meant for but there sure are a ton of them for all seasons.  With coupons and the great sales that seem to always be going on it only takes a few bucks to put together some great pins and you can make them all year long as their inventory is constantly changing.  I think I got both the little tidbits (I don't know the technical term, so they are tidbits) I show here for around a buck a piece.

She Knits in Pearls

Here's what you'll need:
A tidbit - some little flower's on a stem or feathers or.....
Pin/brooch back
E6000 glue
Tiny bit of yarn/string/twine in coordinating color

She Knits in Pearls
Start off by trimming down the stem to the length of the pin backing.  Then glue that stem to the pin back.
She Knits in Pearls

Yes, I know the cap to the glue is on.  You try taking a picture with one hand while holding an open glue tube in the other hand.  You end up with glue dripping all over and blurry pictures.  This may be the best craft glue I've found, but it tends to pour out of the tube rather quickly, so be careful.
She Knits in Pearls
Take your yarn and starting at the top (leaving a tail of about 2 inches) wrap the stem and pin back all the way down to the bottom then back up to the top. Covering them completely.
She Knits in Pearls
Now tie the ends in a knot.  Add a dab of glue to the knot and when that's dry, trim the ends.
She Knits in Pearls
 Now how hard was that?  Totally easy right?  And quick too.  So quick that you can whip up another one in no time.  You might as well since you already have the glue out.
She Knits in Pearls
I think this one will make a great brooch or a hat pin.
DIY brooch or hat pin
Oh yes, I think there are many possibilities with this one for sure.
I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and feel inspired to make a few of your own.  They really are simple and quick. The only problem I seem to have is how to store/display them.  As I've  just moved and am unpacking into a MUCH smaller apartment than I was in, I am looking for ways to organize and display my belongings, especially my accessories like hair flowers/bows/bandanas, bracelets, and my growing collection of brooches.  Any suggestions?  How do you keep things organized and visible?  I have to be able to see them, or I don't remember to wear them?  Leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments section.  I'd love to hear them.
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