Thursday, May 20, 2010

To sick to knit

Oh how it sucks to have a whole week off of work and be too sick to knit. For 3 days I thought it was a common cold and tried to use the time to catch up on my knitting. It only took me about an hour to completely screw up a sock. Now I must unknit 6-8 rows of my temperance sock. The sock which I've moaned about before. Anyways, I'm waiting till I'm all better before I even think about touching that damn sock again. What started off as a common cold has now turned into pneumonia. Ugh, thanks to a 2am trip to the ER with a temp of over 103 and difficulty breathing, I now have the meds to get me back in good health, back to work, and back to knitting.

Before my sick week I did get some knitting time in on a toe up Jaywalker sock that turned out lovely. Will post pics when the second one is done.

Hours knitting: 9
Total so far: 45.5
01 09 10