Sunday, May 2, 2010

More times you just gotta rip it.

Sung to the tune of Divo's "Whip it" When a problem comes along, you must rip it, when the knitting just goes wrong, you must rip it..... Yup, had to rip out about an hour and a half's work, cause I either can't do math or was just too wiped out to think. Most likely a combination of both. With the prompting of my mom, and my knit group the Fairbanks Fiberistas, I decided to try my first shawl. Never thought I'd want to knit a shawl cause well, I'm not a grandma. But I'm really likeing the idea of a small one that can be worn like a scarf. And the timing couldn't be better because both my mom and the knit group want to do shawl Knit A-Longs. So I decided on the Traveling Woman shawl another wonderfull design (and free pattern) from Liz Abinante. I don't know what I did wrong the first go around but I had 8 more stitches on one side of the "center" than the other. I didn't even realize it till my mother texted me and asked how I was doing. Damn, I'm so glad she did, who knows how long I would have kept going before I discovered the monsterous mess I was making. Ugh, let the ripping begin.... Thankfully It was my day off and I had been missing my needles anyways and was just happy that I had the time to rip and start over. After the ripping my Saturday was spent knitting for 40 min (the time it takes to watch an episode of CSI on DVD) then dishes, knit for 40 min then vacume, knit, fold laundry, knit, fold laundry, knit, knit, knit. And it was good. I'm now done with the first repeat of the 1st lace chart. Which happens to be the first lace chart I've read. Yipee.

Yours Knitting: 6.5
Total so far: 27
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