Friday, April 25, 2014

Lil' Red Miette

Miette Vintage She Knits in Pearls

I finished this little red number about a month ago, but have postponed writing about it until now because I hadn't gotten any really good pictures of me in it. I have to give a big thank you to my boyfriend who I am now calling my own personal paparazzi. He was so great the other day to take picture after picture of a few of the different outfits I have worn this awesome little sweater with.
Miette Vintage She Knits in Pearls

This sweater was made from a FREE pattern called Miette by Andi Satterlund. This is the first pattern I have done of hers, but it will not be the last. I love that all of her sweater patterns have a very vintage feel with modern sizing and techniques. I enjoy working with vintage knitting patterns but find them very limiting in sizes and extremely time consuming because most of them are done with sock-weight yarn and needles the size of toothpicks. Andi designs her patterns to be worked up quickly and easily and makes them very easy to modify to your own measurements.

One of my favorite thing about this sweater is the buttons. They match perfectly, and came from my grandmothers button bin. Thank you grandma, as always, you are with me.
Vintage buttons She Knits in Pearls

Miette Vintage She Knits in Pearls

This outfit is another one that could be considered "second-hand-made". This navy blue blouse with little white polka dots was a thrift shop find as was the red pencil skirt. Only the shoes were purchased new. Oh how I love these shoes. Sadly, the only place they have ever been worn is onto my porch for this pic, then back to the closet. Some day, when I have fully recovered from my back surgery, I'll get to take these beautiful babies out on the town.

Corset Tattoos She Knits in Pearls

Here's a photo collage I made of another outfit with this cardigan. The dress in these photos was also a thrift shop find.

Miette Vintage She Knits in Pearls

I'm really enjoying writing about my projects and playing around with pictures too. Hope you all are enjoying too.

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