Friday, April 23, 2010

Avoiding the temperance

I'm doing a knit-along with my mother and sister. Atleast that's what I should be doing. We're all knitting Temperance designed by Liz Albinante. Available as a free download at It's a lovely pattern and is turning out well. However, there is a left twist stitch in the pattern that makes me want to stab out my eyes with the sz.0 needles I'm knitting with. Who ever discovered that stitch was a real sadist who I invision takes great pleasure from the pain she has caused me, my mother, my sister and countless other devoted knitters who love the pattern enough to work through the pain. Sorry mom, but I've taken a bit of a break. I know you, of all people, will understand. Here's how far I got, before I took a Temperance vacation.

Just because I've been on a Temperance vacation, does not mean I havn't been knitting. Just knitting on other things. I've started the Leyburn sock pattern, also a free download from This was such a quick knit, it seemed to just fly right off the needles. The first one actually flew off the needles twice. One of the benifits to knitting toe up socks is that you can try them on as you go, but for some reason I forgot this and did not try on the sock till I had cast off. UGH, tears were shed when I tried and failed to get the sock over my heal. Due to the stranding in the stitch pattern, the cuff was to tight. CRAP!!! So had to frog back to the heal and switch from sz 1 needles up to sz 4, then back down to sz 1 for the ribbing. Thankfully it worked. Now, do I cast on the second one, or get back to the Temperance sock?

Nope, I didn't cast on the second sock. Nope, I didn't get back to the Temperance. Instead, I finally cast on a pair of slippers for me. See, I've made a grand total of 16 pairs of these slippers for OTHER people and never a pair for myself. Even though the whole reason I bought the pattern was to make myself a pair because I had worn out the same pair that someone had made for me. Still not done, have to do the soles and then felt them. Does anybody wanna let me use there washing machine? Havn't figured out how I'm gonna felt them when it seems that everybody I know has a front loading washing maching. Ugh, I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Hours knitting: 4.5
Projects: See above
Total hours so far: 7.5
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