Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One love over another


If you know me, you know that two of the things I love in my life are knitting (obviously) and my tattoos. The issue that I'm having right now is that, in my new job/career I am having to dress a bit more conservative than I'm used too. Being a bartender for the last 5 years, tattoos where never a problem. In fact, they were an asset that I'm sure have influenced many many tips. Now, working in the health care profession, specifically with the elderly, they have become more of an issue. They aren't asking me to cover all my tattoos and they aren't telling me that my tattoos are bad, but they are nervous of how our residents will view me because of my tattoos (which I don't entirely disagree with). So, they have asked me to cover up my wrist 1/4 sleeve. Ok, I'm sure I can do this. I have a few options, I could A) Where long sleeves under my scrubs (but as the weather is getting warmer, that could really suck) or B) Where a wrist brace ( then I get asked "What happened?" a million times and I have to explain the whole situation or C) I can cover up 1 love (tattoo) with another love (knitting). So, that's what I've decided to do. I've only made one wrist cuff so far and today I will wear it to work and see how it goes. I envision making a bunch of these and trying a few different yarns. I would just love to have a different one to match each of my scrub tops. Today is my first day on the floor interacting with the residents. I'm so excited as this has been along time coming. I'm also scared to death, but I'm sure that will subside when I get out there and am able to jump in with both feet and do the job I have been trained to do. The job that I WANT to do, that I feel very passionate about.

My knitting time has been drastically reduced in the last 2 days because for the last 3 months I've been unemployed, and now I'm working full time. I'm sure that I'll miss having all that time to knit but I'm going to really enjoy finally being able to afford the yarn I want. The knitting will continue.....

Yours knitting: 3.5
Total so far: 20.5
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