Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting started

So this is my first attempt at the wonderful world of blogging. Lets see what happens.

I am starting this blog as a way to keep track of my knitting adventures (and maybe some random life ones as well). I read on another blog today about a bunch of ladies, fellow knitters, who are starting a 10k hours of knitting socks movement. The theory behind this movement is that it takes 10 thousand hours of doing something to become a master at it. There was some great documentation behind the idea but I'll leave that for the other women to contemplate.

For me, this was a wake up call. I've been thinking about blogging for months. Thinking about what I'd blog about, what would be the main theme, what would motivate me and be worth sharing. This excites me. I was thinking about doing like the other ladies and focusing on knitting socks, but I think this is just too narrow for me. That and all Ive knit for the past year has been socks. I've actually spent the last few days trying to get away from my trusty sock needles. So, I'm gonna broaden the horizon and focus on knitting in general.

And away we go...
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