Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday - and a Lovely Day Outdoors

There have been times, over the last year, that I have gone up to a week without leaving the house (not including the trips to Physical Therapy). Living in Alaska, I'm used to my fair share of cabin fever, but in the summer I find this completely unacceptable. So a bit ago I got a wild bug up my bum in the middle of the day and told Ian that we MUST go do something. Our finances are very tight as I am not working right now, so we don't have a budget for entertainment and outings. So we had to find something as close to free as possible. We decided to check out our local farmers market there's no rules saying you have to buy something. So, with the plan being set, I went and got dressed.

The week before I had made this skirt from one of those hideous dresses with all little strips of elastic across the top of it. Really, they are adorable on little girls who haven't fully (or at all) developed yet, but no grown woman with breasts should wear them (my blog, my opinion here). However, I just loved the Hawaiian print and thought it would look nice in another form. So with very little fuss I turned it into something more suitable. I paired it with a matching green blouse and this awesome coconut shell purse that I found in a charity shop in Wasilla, Alaska (definitely a score). With a few curls, a scarf, and earrings I made from buttons out of my grandma button bin, we were off.

We enjoyed strolling the booths of handmade goods and fresh garden finds. There were blueberries as far as the eye could see. Who can pass up fresh squeezed lemonade? Not this gal.

Saying our farmers market is small is more than an understatement. In under 30 min we had been there and done it all. Thank you farmers market see ya next time.

Well, that was a lovely bit of an outing, but I have a hard time spending more time getting ready to go out than actually being out and I was not ready to go home. It was a lovely day. In a very wet and grey summer, it seemed wrong to go home so quickly. I'm so glad Ian had the great idea to go check out Creamer's Field, its free, outside, educational, and has historical value.

We really enjoyed walking around the Garden and along the paths. I did need to rest a bit and we couldn't walk the full paths, but we enjoyed it all the same.

In the Creamery we enjoyed learning a bit about the field and the thousands and thousands of migratory birds that stop by here on their journey south each year. I enjoyed looking at all the old milk, juice and ice cream cartons that Creamers used through the years.

All in all it was a good day. Let's face it though, hanging out with this crazy guy makes for a lot of laughs. What a nut! XOXO

Oh yeah, this is a WIP post, I almost forgot. Here's what I'm working on. Just a tease really.

Knitting She Knits in Pearls

It's a cute little cardigan (I know, what a shock!) that has a great story to it. I look forward to sharing it soon. Until then, this little darling (her name is Cupcake) is helping me get it done.

Knitting She Knits in Pearls

Until next time, get out and enjoy the little things, stay crafty, and be silly whenever possible.

XOXO Cherry

Outfit details
Skirt - Value Village and Me
Blouse - Thrifted
Belt - No idea
Shoes - Payless (I hate wearing flats)
Purse - Thrifted
Earrings - Me & Grandma
Scarf - Leslies Beauty Supply
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