Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday: and the need for a Drunk Knitting project

Knitting She Knits in Pearls
Cupcake likes to snuggle my knitting.

This hopefully is the first of many WIP (Work In Progress) posts to give you all updates of what's going on in my knitting and crafting world. This week my number 1 knitting goal has been to finish my Hetty Cardigan. I started it about 2 weeks ago and it is going very fast. The simple lace pattern coupled with size 8 needles and an aran weight yarn make it fly off the needles. I'm sure I would be done with it by now if I weren't occasionally distracted by other things. I brought it on the road with me when I went to an amazing concert 3 hours out of town. I knit some on the way to the concert, but the lace pattern proved to be too much for my hang over the following day on the trip back.
She Knits in Pearls
Here's my man and I at the concert.

So, I continued to work on it after returning home. Until, after a particularly long day I really wanted a glass (or 3) of wine. Now I know from past experiences (many past experiences) that knitting and drinking don't mix. At least for most of the projects that I work on. After posting my dilemma on Facebook, I got some great suggestions from my fellow knitters.
Knitting Wine She Knits in Pearls
This could have ended poorly.

The solution to my knitting/drinking dilemma is to create a drunk knitting project, a project that is simple enough to do after a drink (or 3). There are thousands of beginner knitting projects out there what would be simple enough for the task at hand, but I also need to find something that fits me, something that I WANT to knit. I am, after all, a very selfish knitter.

So, if you have any suggestions for simple patterns that would work well with my affection for red wine and fancy cocktails and my flair for all things vintage and vintage inspired, please share them with me. I'm also thinking of doing posts that feature small projects that somehow correlate to a specific cocktail or wine. What do ya thing?

Thanks for reading and cheers my friends,



  1. Hitchhiker shawl, which is more like a scarf than a shawl and is all garterstitch, or you could always knit plain stockinette socks. :)

  2. Aww, you guys are a fabulous looking couple! I just adore that you're both into sporting old school styles. My dear chap appreciates vintage and totally supports me in my passion for it, but to date he's never felt inclined to don yesteryear threads himself. Perhaps one - if only for the sake of what could be a really great photo shoot! :)

    Big hugs & many thanks for all of your wonderfully lovely recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have to admit that my beau resembles something closer to 70's biker more often than not, but it is nice that even though are styles do not often match they are both unique styles. On special occasions he will dress more vintage appropriate because he knows how happy it makes me and he enjoys showing me off as his girl.


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