Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 Favorites - November

I've been toying around with the idea of doing some sort of end of the month round up here on the blog lately and have decided to do a 5 favorites each month.  These could be new things that I have acquired or old things that I happen to be loving at the moment.  So here are this months things that I just can't get enough of.
Cup warmer She Knits in Pearls
1.  Cup Warmer:  In the fall and winter months there are few things I enjoy more than a good cup of tea.  However, I am a slow drinker.  I like to sip and savor each drink which often means that the last few drinks are luke warm at best (If I leave my cup on the window sill it'll be ice cold in a matter of moments).  Considering these things used to be really big in the 90's I was hopeful that I could find one in a thrift shop.  Yep, wouldn't ya know it, I found this treasure at Value Village for a whopping $1.99.  Just for giggles, I searched for them on Amazon and found tons of them for around $10, which I still think isn't to bad if you are a tea or coffee drinker like me.
Novelty brooch She Knits in Pearls
2.  Wacky Tuna Novelty Broaches:  I am so in love with my recent purchase from Wacky Tuna Vintage on Etsy.  The lovely and talented Britney from Va-voom Vintage has opened her own store of hand made, vintage inspired treasures.  Being the crafty gal that I am, it's rare that I'll buy hand made items that I can make myself.  However, I just couldn't pass up these 2 awesome brooches.  How cute are these?  The Alaska one is a vintage puzzle piece that I couldn't pass up and now wear it any time I wear my favorite green cardi.  The Day of the Dead felt skull is just too damn cute for words and even though it may have been more appropriate for October (Halloween pic above) I'm including it here in November because I just can't stop wearing it.  P.S.  I'm in love with all of her broaches and would love to have a stocking stuffed full of them.  *Hint Hint*
Lush She Knits in Pearls

3.  Buffy Bar from Lush:  Ok, so maybe I should have taken a picture before I used it but I had no idea at the time how much I was going to LOVE this product.  It's the Buffy Bar from LUSH.  This shower bar is AMAZING.  The exfoliating action of the ground almonds, rice and beans is nice, but it's the moisturizing that really blew me away.  The friendly sales ladies said that it works so well you don't need to use lotion when you get out of the shower.  I didn't really believe it.  Oh man, were they not kidding.  As soon as I rubbed this on my skin I could feel the moisture.  I thought it would rinse down the drain, but no.  My skin feels amazing!!! I jumped out of the shower and immediately called to my boyfriend to feel my skin.  I won't get graphic here, but I will say he wanted to touch every inch of my skin.  I am totally impressed with this company and will definitely be a repeat customer.
She Knits in Pearls
4.  Wool Pants:  Every winter I struggle with how to keep true to my sense of style while staying warm.  This winter is no different, but I'm making great progress.  I've recently discovered the awesomeness of wool pants.  I was originally looking for wool skirts at my local thrift shops and coming up empty handed so I ventured over to the pants section and lo and behold I found these.  With the high waist and pleats in the front I think these have a great 1940's feel to them.  I love them so much, I look for more each time I go thrifting and now have 3 pairs.  I had gotten so sick of wearing pants all winter but with all my new-to-me wool trousers I am finding it easier to embrace the sub-zero temperatures. 
She Knits in Pearls
5.  Vintage Faux Fur Coat:  After my old winter coat shrunk in the wash it was time to search for a new or new-to-me one.  This time of year there are slim pickings at the thrift shops but I decided to give it a try.  There were slim pickings for sure, but thankfully very few people in town seem to have the same taste or vision as I do.  This beauty had sure seen better days when I found her.  Missing buttons, stinking of moth balls and the bits and pieces of the lining were barely holding on for dear life.  But for $25 bucks, it was worth a shot to see if I could bring her back to life.  After airing it out and a good cleaning, I hand stitched the lining back together and added "new" vintage buttons and am so happy with the results.  Not only is this jacket very "me" it is also very warm.  We shall be great companions all winter long.
So there you have it, my first "5 Favorites" post.  What do you think?  Should I keep it up?  I've really enjoyed putting this little list together and hope to do many more in the future.
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