Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

Vintage holiday outfit - She Knits in Pearls

I don't do many outfit posts, but I just love this one so much, I just had to share it.  Not only is it holiday appropriate, but it is entirely thrifted and handmade, with maybe the exception of the faux pearl necklace (I don't remember where/when/how I acquired that).  I made this cherry and polka-dot circle skirt last summer with only 2 1/2 yards of fabric.  Thanks to their not being an obvious directionality of the fabric, I was able to cut out 8 panels of fabric in all different directions and construct them into this beautiful skirt.  It took a lot more work (and imagination) than your usual full skirt, so I'm really proud of it.  Although you don't normally think of cherries as being festive, the overall red and green in the print makes it fit in nicely. 

I paired the skirt with an amazingly luxurious, cream colored, angora sweater that I bought at Bishops Attic on my last trip to Anchorage.  It was an absolute steal for only $3, how can you beat that?  The fitted waist and puffy shoulders gives in a wonderful vintage vibe.  I will admit that it does shed quite a bit though and by the end of the evening, I had little white fuzz all over my skirt (next time, I'll pack a little lint brush in my purse). 
She Knits in Pearls
I accessorized it with some sparkly bangle bracelets and a faux leather woven belt that have all been thrifted from one place or another throughout the years. 
Victory rolls - She Knits in Pearls
I topped it all off with a faux pearl necklace and earrings and some antique crystal earrings given to my by my Aunt Marilyn.  With some victory rolls and my favorite red lipstick, I was ready to go.
I spend a wonderful evening with some lovely gals how also happen to be vintage addicts.  We ate amazing food, including a Yule log cake, cream cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and a warm mulled wine.  After we stuffed our faces and reapplied our lipstick we opened our hand made gifts.  I received a linen embroidered with an adorable Chihuahua and some delicious hand made candies.  I have some gifted friends for sure.
After presents we watched the 1942 classic "Holiday Inn" with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. Then took some impromptu photos, with Deanna's son as our photographer.
I'm thankful to have a great group of gals to spend some of this holiday season with.  Speaking of spending time with our loved ones, I am so happy to announce that I will be spending some time with my mother here soon.  On Christmas night I will be flying down to Nevada to spend almost 2 weeks with her and my step dad.  I'm so excited to go thrifting and yarn shopping with Mom followed by evenings spent knitting and Netflix marathons.  I will also be spending some time at the shooting range with my step dad.  He's an amazing shot and a great teacher so I am looking forward to improving my skills while spending some time with him.  My Christmas wish, right now, is that my back will cooperate with all of my plans.  It's been acting up since last night and making it difficult to walk.  I'll be bringing my cane, just in case and try to take it easy as much as I can.  Thankfully, my mom and I are perfectly happy to spend as much time as possible in our recliners knitting or drinking wine (or both if were feeling daring). 
In knitting news, I'm so happy to report that as of last night I am officially done with all my holiday knitting.  This evening will be spent thawing out my Marion Cardigan that has been tucked away in my freezer since the dreaded bug infestation and subsequent move back in October.  I hate having hibernating projects or ignored WIP's so I'm absolutely giddy to continue working on this and hope to finished it on my trip.
Happy holidays to you all.  I envision being able to blog during my trip, but if I don't, Happy New year.  I don't know about you but I'm happy to put this one behind me and start a new one with new and exciting things.

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