Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oops, I Got Distracted

I've been busy working feverishly on all my holiday knitting lately.  Which stinks for my blog as I cannot share it with you until after the holidays.  I thought I wouldn't have a darn thing to write about but as it seems, I get distracted easily.  Yesterday is a perfect example.  I woke up with all great intentions.  I had a goal.  That goal was to finish the gusset increases and turn the heels of a particular pair of socks that are to be a gift.  Oops, that didn't happen, not even close.  Maybe it was because the night before I cast off my biggest Christmas knit and needed to take a break for a day.  Maybe it was because Pinterest is an amazingly inspiring time suck.  Maybe it was all my talk of hand made Christmas ornaments in my last post.  What ever the reason (mainly Pinterest), I spent a large part of my day making these cute little felt ornaments.
vintage felt deer ornament
This one is by far my most favorite, and the one that got me so inspired.  I came across similar ones on both Pinterest and Etsy.  I love the vintage feel to the little deer head, it reminds me of a paper deer I made as a child that hung above the fireplace at my grandparents house every Christmas.  I spent a good while free-handing the design and am so happy with the outcome.  I wish I had more time to make a dozen of them for all my 'deer' friends.  Maybe, if I get all my knitting done......

felt bird ornament
I also free-handed this little bird.  My daughter and I were exploring a local gift shop the other day and found a bunch of little fake birds.  I thought how lovely it would be to have a tree covered in them.  Then again, with the tiny little tree I have, that wouldn't leave much room for all my hand made and sentimental ornaments (which is the best part of the tree).  So, here is my little tribute to those birds.  She's missing a hanger.  Oops, darn Hallmark channel Holiday movies distracting my attention.  That's ok, she's small enough to tuck into a branch with out a hanger.  Added bonus, her eye is another recycled button from my grandmothers button tin.

little felt mittens ornament
I had already made 2 ornaments, I just had to squeeze out one more.  So at about midnight, I drew up these ones.  Quick and simple, with such a classic Christmas feel.  I absolutely adore the little embroidered design on them, even if my embroidery skills are a bit lacking.  Plus, they are the fastest mittens I've ever made.

Are you making any ornaments this year?  Or other decorations?  Do you sometimes need to take a break from your main hobby, maybe for a crafting quick fix?  Are you like me and get easily distracted, especially by Pinterest and Etsy?  I spent hours the other day on Etsy looking at Christmas kitsch, I'll be sharing some of that on my next post.  All in the Holiday spirit.

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