Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 10 Christmas Kitsch on Etsy

On my last post, I talked about my love of hand made Christmas stuff and shared a few of the ornaments I've made.  I also mentioned what an absolute time suck that Pinterest can be.  I'm not complaining, mind you, it's just a fact.  I spent hours scouring that addictive site looking for inspiration but that's not the only site that can completely eat an entire day.  Etsy is just as addictive, if not worse.  I say worse because everything on Etsy has a price tag, you aren't just shopping for ideas and information, you can actually shop, buy and spend.  I could easily spend a years salary in an afternoon if I'm not careful.  Plus, this is the season of giving, right?  I'm not supposed to be shopping for me, right?  Maybe just one or 2 things?  That wouldn't be so bad now would it? Well, I didn't actually buy anything (from this list, yet), I'm trying like hell to be a good little girl and hoping that Santa will treat me right. 

If I could spend like there was no tomorrow, I would be buying all the kitsch.  I absolute love the gaudy Christmas décor of the past and spent many hours trying to decide what was my favorite.  Santa's, reindeer, elves, I love them all.  But there were some that stood out amongst the masses and I thought I'd share my top 10 favorites with my lovely readers.  And if you'd like to know my mailing address so you can send any of them to my home, I'd be more than happy to share it with you (in private). 

Lets start of with some reindeer.  I think the reindeer on my list are really my favorite.  I envision some day having a collection of hundreds of reindeer that I can scatter around my house all winter long, not just for the month of December. 
reindeer christmas kitsch
Image source and etsy listing
1) This adorable, angry looking fellow is just too damn cute.  That look on his face is the same one I have when ever I go to the mail box and don't find anything good.  I can just see the caption bubble reading, "Where's my presents?"  This ornament is courtesy of VintagebyJade and is $15.99.  WANT!

vintage deer kitsch
Image and Etsy listing
2) Here's another one from Vintagebyjade.  Although this is seriously out of my price range at $95 it would be so worth it to have 3 deer to adorn a windowsill or fireplace mantel.  I must admit the main reason I love this so much is the way in which they are arranged in this picture.  The one on the right is sniffing the middle ones butt and has been totally busted by the one in front.  Yes, I know I'm immature and I've made peace with that.  I would love invite people over and see if anybody else thinks it is as funny as I do.  I can't be the only one, right?

Image source and Etsy listing
3) Who doesn't love a Rudolf creamer? I know this gal does!  I can't imagine that I'd actually use it but, as sure as our Alaskan Christmases are white, it would bring a smile to my face every time I saw it.  This little vintage treasure comes from Fannypippin for a reasonable $19.95.

Image source and Etsy listing
4) This velvet plush daring comes from SweetPeaVignettes for $21.00.  This makes me wish I were that little girl I once was who slept with her favorite stuffed animal every night.  Although, given it's vintage standing, I would no longer cuddle up with him.  I would, instead, prop him up on the pillows every morning when making the bed so he could bring holiday joy and innocent wonderment into the one room in our place that is lacking in festive decorations.

angry deer kitsch
Image source and Etsy listing
5) Ok, this is the last of the deer, I promise.  Look at this grumpy little dude.  How can you not love that face? Like this guy is just totally pissed that Rudolf is getting all the attention.  I want him guarding the freshly baked cookies warning that there will be hell to pay if you touch them before it's time. This feisty little guy comes from SkyWayVintage for $14.00.

Photo source and Etsy Listing
6) There is something magical about the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  In my head they are forever together and forever in love.  If the beaded suits and hats weren't enough for me, Mrs. Clauses creepy little face makes this pair a win.  This awesome pair comes from JulieandJadeVintage for a mere $24.00.

Christmas Kitsch
Photo source and Etsy Listing
7) I'm more of a silver girl for 11 months out of the year, but during this holiday season, the more gold and glimmer the better.  Again, this pair of ornaments celebrates the one marriage that is sure to never end.  The home made feel of the glitter and pipe cleaners mixed with the mass production little faces is wonderful and brought to us from AtomicDog67 for $18.99.

Girl Elf Vintage Kitsch
Photo Source and Etsy Listing
8) I'm glad that the old tradition of Elves on Shelves has been brought back into our generation, however the mass production of these elves leaves me a bit sad.  Hand made elves, particularly vintage ones on the other hand, make my heard sing.  This crocheted girl elf is the true embodiment of what I think they should be.  I may be a knitters by trade, but if I can find some elf faces, I'd love to make some of these.  For now, I'm glad to find this lovely little lady at JERummages for only $11.25.  Seriously, this one just might find her forever home with me.

Kitsch Angel
Photo Source and Etsy Listing
9) What's Christmas without an angel and who doesn't want one with a little piggy nose, angry eyebrows and beady little eyes?  Maybe a better question is, why do I love all the angry and creep figurines?  What ever the reason, this heavenly, disgruntled darling is available from PinkPickerParty for only $3.95.

Photo Source and Etsy Listing
10) No Christmas Kitsch roundup would be complete with out a few kewpie doll figurines.  Although not the traditional dolls, these adorable ceramic candle holders fill the bill quite nicely.  Angelic faces complete with bows on their heads and a message of NOEL, this small pair are sure to bring joy and cheer to a holiday feast.  These little cuties are from BlueJeanJulie for $32.00.

I could fill 10 posts with all of the charming, cheerful and down right silly holiday goodness that I fell in love with over on Etsy but I'll leave the list at an even ten.  I must note that I am in no way being compensated for writing this list and sharing it with you.  In fact, these sellers have no idea I've written it.  I merely wanted to share with you some of the things that make me smile.  I hope these bring you as much joy as they do me.  If you are a fan of Christmas Kitsch, Etsy is the place for you this season.

Do you have any favorites?  Would any of these or others find their way into your virtual shopping cart?  If they do, please let me know, so I can be properly jealous of you.  Just one more question, if you accidentally buy yourself a Christmas present (hypothetically, of course) do you have to wait till Christmas to wear/use it?  Do you wrap it up and slip it into your stocking?  Just curious?

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