Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring For Cotton - Sew-a-Long

This spring I will be participating in Lucky Lucille's Spring For Cotton, vintage sew along.  I'm more of a knitter than a seamstress but occasionally I like to experiment with my sewing machine.  I'm a wiz when it comes to skirts, but usually anything more complicated than that causes frustration, depression and back aches.  My hopes are that having a group to go through this with will give me the help and encouragement that I need.  Also, having a deadline for projects usually works well for me. 
P.S.  I did not pay $17.95 for this pattern, that's just nuts. 50% off coupons are awesome!

Case in point, I bought this pattern and both of these fabrics last fall with grandiose visions of a whole new wardrobe.  At the same time, I bought enough fabric for 4 skirts as well.  Have you seen all of my new me-made skirts?  No, you haven't, the fabric is still in a big ol' pile in the bottom of my closet.  But with the spring comes a restlessness that I'm hoping will be a huge motivator.  As our daylight increases so does my desire to put down the knitting needles and get my bum off the couch. 


I absolutely love the tiny little birdies on this cotton fabric, it seems perfect for spring.  Maybe that's why it's taken me so long to sew these.  It was wrong for fall and now is the perfect time and I've got some wonderful inspiration.

So, I've got the material and I've got the patterns and I now can't wait to get these started.  If you like to sew and enjoy a bit of vintage flair, head on over to Lucky Lucille's and join us in our Spring for Cotton sew along.  I can't wait to see all the lovely projects.

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