Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunny Days and Quick Knits

She Knits in Pearls
In some areas of the world, spring might just be in full swing.  As you can see though, there is still quite a bit of snow in our neck of the woods and it'll probably be that way for a while longer.  Thankfully, the temperatures are starting to make it bearable to do a bit of outdoor pictures.  Halleluiah, is it really possible that we've made it though another Alaskan winter?  Were not out of the frozen woods yet and mother nature has been known to screw us sideways more than once in a while, but I'm actually starting to feel a bit optimistic.  Today was a record breaking 45 degrees, so it was definitely time to get the camera and head outside.
1940's Knit Sweater
 I finished this quick knit sweater a while ago but just have not been inspired to take any pictures of it, until today. I talked about it a bit before and had totally planned on writing up the alterations that I've done to the pattern to give it a different neckline and make it fit my proportions a little better.  I'm just not ready to do that yet though.  I really like how this version turned out, but it just isn't as good as it could get, yet.  So, some time in the future (after I get through the next few projects that are already planned), I'll be knitting it again and hopefully getting the exact perfect fit.  THEN I can write up the alterations that would be even more helpful. 
1940's Knitting
I hope you all like the frozen boat in the back ground.  I have an overwhelming suspicion that you'll be seeing it all summer long considering it is right outside my door and is an awesome backdrop.  I'm just hoping sometime soon there will be no snow in the pictures and maybe the owners might actually let met get on it for some pictures.  So far, they seem like nice people, so I'm hopeful.

She Knits in Pearls

We even coaxed Cupcake out of the house today.  She may be small but this was no small feat.  She is master of the porch, but when it comes to venturing off the stairs she wants nothing to do with it.  (Yes, I am totally aware that all of her neurosis are my fault).  We had to carry her down the stairs, and she didn't get more than a few feet away from daddy or I but she's little, so little steps in the right direction are ok. 

How is spring treating you in your area of the world?  Are you excited about finally being able to venture outside?  I know I am.


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