Monday, March 16, 2015

The Middy - My New Do

The Middy Hair cut
Last week I did something a little drastic.  Yep, that's me with all my hair chopped off.  Ok, obviously not all my hair is gone, but after getting 10ish inches cut off in the last 2 months and my hair being shorter than it's been in 15ish years, it sure feels like it's all gone.  Gone with it are the days of ponytails when I'm in a hurry and can't be bothered to style or curl it.  Gone also, is the security of a long mane to hide behind.  I never though I hid behind my hair, until it was gone.  Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING it!!!!  But I must admit the first few days I was feeling rather insecure and exposed.  A HUGE thank you to all of the people who boosted my confidence on Facebook and Instagram when I posted this pic and helped me love it even more.  You have no idea how much it has helped me embrace and love this massive change.

She Knits in Pearls - The Middy
I'd love to say that I had been contemplating this change for some time or that there was some big metamorphosis that I am going through that need to be shown on the outside as well as in.  The honest truth, though, is that I was having a bad hair day and happened to be driving by a salon.  Really, that's it.  While I was waiting my turn I googled 1940's vintage hairstyles and of course the Middy style was filling the screen on my phone.  Most of the photos were of longer versions or modified styles.  I guess if I'd have been in a safe mood, I would have gone for one of these longer versions.  If I had been thinking about my love of victory rolls, I would have gone for a longer version as well, oops.  Instead, I went full on authentic.  Which happens to be this short, 4 inch do that I am now completely in love with.

 Thankfully, the stylist wasn't insulted at all that I was giving her a diagram to follow and she did a wonderful job!  That side profile is really misleading though as you can see, my hair is no where near that long.  But hey, I'm not complaining.  I'm still experimenting with styling this new do.  It is definitely not a wash and wear style.  When I said this to my beau, he reminded me that in all the years he has known me, I have never washed and went anywhere.  Very true!!  Although I now must style it, the process is much easier and faster than I had expected.  I used to spend 15 minutes just blow drying it all, now it only takes about 3 minutes.  Plus, it only takes about half the time to curl now and the curl lasts 3 times as long.  So far, I have been using my 1 inch curling iron to style it but I am going to experiment with other methods as well. 

Styling the Middy
While I'm typing this, my head is covered in sponge rollers and a new-to-me vintage head scarf.  As you can tell, I could definitely use some practice putting in the rollers.  For your viewing pleasure, I've included a photo of it still damp and unstyled, fresh from the shower (I can't believe I'm sharing a photo of me sans make-up).  Now to just wait and see what happens when they are dry......

Now, what the hell do I do with all of my snoods as I now don't have enough hair to fill them?  What about all of my fills for bumper bangs and gibson rolls?  And the million ponytail holders that are strewn all over the house?  I'm sure I will save them all because you just never know. As much as I love the new do, I'm sure my love of victory and barrel rolls will push me to grow it out a little bit.  We'll see.  Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.


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